Review: Fall for Anything by Courtney Summers

"Why. Why. Why. Why.
The question my life has become"

Fall for Anything by Courtney Summers
Publishing Date: December 21, 2010
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
# of pages: 230
Genre: Contemporary  

Struggling to understand the reasons behind her successful photographer father's suicide, Eddie Reeves pursues a dangerous relationship with one of her father's former students, who seems to know more about Eddie's father than she does. 

This is one of those books were after you read the last word, you sit, and then realize you aren't really sure how to process it. It's a difficult set of characters, a difficult plot and subject to grasp, and a difficult set of questions whose answers are never really provided.

Eddie is... very difficult to get into the mindset of because her father's suicide has left her really fucked up. She's obsessed with knowing why her father killed himself (which is normal).

Then Culler, the former student of Eddie's father, comes into the picture with his creepy, Criminal Mind's antagonist vibes. But alas, that is just me. Still something is off about him, and at the end of it he seems a lot more unstable about Eddie's father than she is. His artistic approach is something interesting to consider though, that lies can help you get closer to the truth, but it falls through at the end.

The one thing that really captured me was how each person in the novel personified different ways someone deals with grief. Eddie personified the person who becomes obsessed with the why. Her mother personified how one just completely shuts down. Milo, Eddie's best friend, personified one just continuing to live life despite the grief. Beth, her mother's best friend, the one who tries too hard to pretend it didn't happen and be overly happy. And finally Culler, who like Eddie is obsessed with why, but takes it to the extreme and devotes himself completely to the one thing that he thinks will finally get him through. It became very interesting to see how each person first dealt with the grief and, for some, how they moved past that stage.

Fall for Anything is a really provoking read if you really examine it. It takes the stance on how if you're really obsessed with finding the why, you really will just fall for anything, and how it's important to be aware of yourself and what you're doing and who you're with. Courtney Summers has such a vivid, alive style of writing that makes you feel on such a deep level and simple descriptions become alive and emotional.

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